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I've been a Mick Rock fan for a while now, I looove his photos, and I'd like to know if he has a fan mail address. I've been looking for it, but I can't find it.
You can send me a message or comment here.

Thank you! (:

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Hey hey. I'm all new n' stuff. ^^
I've been a fan of Mick's for years and as an aspiring music photographer myself, he's my biggest inspiration.

I met him at the Queen Convention last year, and he was the nicest person ever! I showed him some of my work, which he liked and told me "it's a hard life, but you've got what it takes." I was so excited when I met him that I could hard speak and I don't usually get that way!
So I thought I'd show you the picture of said event.
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Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. Was anyone else at the Queen Convention by the way?

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Wow! Hi, my name is Jackie and I just found this community!

Mick is a family friend through my uncle, I don't know him very well but we've met on occosion and not too long ago I was at the party he had in NYC for the release of the David Bowie book. I really love his work and especially the work he's done on Rocky Horror and Hedwig and The Angry Inch.
So I'm so glad i found this community!

If I can dig it up there's a picture with half of mick myself and jimmy fallon from that night, I'll try and find it if you guys want.
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Hey, I'm new here and yada yada yada.

I discovered Mick's work via my Queen obesessive compulsive fangirlism and am hugely fond of the cover art for both Queen 2 and Sheer Heart Attack. (Perfering Queen 2 though, as it's such an iconic image of the group and I really think it's a kick arse photo.)

I live in the States near NYC. I'm a photography student and have never exactly been able to recreate his photographic goodness.

Righto then I'll shaddup.